The company’s Code of Conduct has been consolidated in order to integrate all Precepts of Reta, in tune with its Governance, the legislation in force, and the good practices as to anti-corruption, anti-bribery, and fair competition principles, and duly kept accounting records. The Code reaffirms the company’s ethical way to operate in the market of specialized engineering services provision, duly respecting and protecting our clients’ interests and information, and assuring the achievement of their goals in each project. This Code of Conduct has been formally approved by the company’s shareholders. Any act in disagreement with that document or with the Statement of Risks as defined under our Compliance will be duly analyzed and, if proven to have indeed taken place, will lead to the perpetrator(s) being submitted to the applicable disciplinary measures, defined as per Reta Engenharia’s Policies.

Appropriate Conduct:

  1. perform duties in line with the defined Precepts broadly disseminated through Reta Engenharia’s communication channels, as listed: commitment, mission, vision, policies and principles;
  2. comply with the company’s Internal Norms and with the legislation in force;
  3. ensure confidentiality of information relative to projects within the scope of work, avoiding conflict of interests with stakeholders;
  4. ensure good practices in governance, by reference to Reta Engenharia’s Precepts;
  5. never engage in any action that may be characterized as bribery or corruption;
  6. keep accounting records adherent to the applicable legislation in force;
  7. comply with the rules set by bidding companies and with all legislation in force applicable to tender or bidding processes;
  8. always act so as to contribute to the achievement of Goals and Targets defined by Reta Engenharia;
  9. seek the correct interpretation of legislation in force, as related to the activity in progress, and apply it correctly, resorting to experts when necessary;
  10. collaborate to the effect that no injustice is committed against any stakeholder;
  11. make sure all procedures under the company’s Information Security Policy (as required by ISO 27001) be duly followed, so as to assure clients of the strict confidentiality of any information shared in the development of their activities;
  12. respect Reta Engenharia’s Precepts when using social media and other external means of communication;
  13. ensure the integrity of Reta Engenharia’s resources made available for performance of tasks and duties, while further preserving the company’s good reputation and image;
  14. learn the client’s Code of Conduct so as to comply with it in accordance with Reta Engenharia’s Precepts;
  15. keep in compliance with this Code of Conduct in all its scope, as well as with all contents in Reta Engenharia’s Precepts;
  16. resort to the company’s Ombudsman Channel whenever suspecting of any inappropriate conduct representing a deviation from this Code of Conduct and/or Reta Engenharia’s Precepts. Reta ensures confidentiality and secrecy to denunciations and suggestions dealt with through said channel.

Inappropriate Conduct:

  1. obtaining personal advantages, facilities, benefits or any other form of favor to oneself or third parties;
  2. discriminating any person on the basis of ethnicity, origin, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political or ideological conviction, social class, physical disability, or marital status;
  3. harassing others and/or provoking their embarrassment, be it of a moral, sexual or any other nature;
  4. making use of Reta Engenharia’s premises for religious or political propaganda, or  commercial advertisement;
  5. using the name of Reta Engenharia when dealing with personal matters;
  6. making or committing to make donations of a social nature without due formalization by Senior Management;
  7. offering or accepting gifts with the aim to influence stakeholders, except when openly given or received as a courtesy of mere symbolic value.

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