Risks affecting Compliance have been defined on the basis of a duly conducted Risk Analysis. Such risks are listed below, with the purpose of contributing to the Compliance Committee’s performance of its mandate, while further seeking to level the knowledge of stakeholders.

CONFLICT OF INTERESTS: Characterized when an act of self interest or personal gain interferes with impartiality in judgment or with the correct performance of a duty by an employee, manager or administrator, thus standing in disagreement with the interests and/or Precepts of Reta Engenharia. Reta Engenharia’s collaborators are barred from:

  • exercising influence on stakeholders so as to obtain personal advantages for oneself or for third parties;
  • offering products or services of a personal nature inside the premises of Reta Engenharia, without due prior approval by the company’s Senior Management;
  • offering to hire any services or products whereby any advantages or gains can be derived from the commercial transaction, without due prior approval by the company’s Senior Management;
  • acting or providing services in a way that can be characterized as competition with the contractual object of Reta Engenharia.

So as not to raise any doubts as to a possible conflict of interests, Reta Engenharia commits not to render the same services to distinct clients as part of one same project.

GIVEAWAYS OR GIFTS: Giving or receiving gifts or giveaways is allowed, provided that their value be merely symbolic, and if such happens openly, without aiming to obtain advantages or exerting any influence on acts or decisions.

SPONSORSHIP AND DONATIONS: Any donation or social contribution shall only be made after being duly and formally authorized by Senior Management.

ACCOUNTING RECORDS AND CONTROLS: Reta Engenharia acknowledges and undertakes to fulfill its legal obligation to keep accurate and comprehensive accounting records, in compliance with applicable legislation in force. It is understood that any fault in that process entails opportunities for serious offenses, besides directly violating anticorruption laws. Such compliance culture is transmitted to stakeholders, who are expected to keep to that good practice in all their transactions with Reta Engenharia. Conformity of Reta Engenharia’s accounting records is ensured by accredited third-party audits of its Balance Sheet.

INFORMATION SECURITY: All personnel with Reta Engenharia shall act in accordance with guidelines set by ISO 27001 – Information Security.

GOVERNANCE: Actions by the company’s directors, managers, employees, suppliers and service providers must be in accordance with the Precepts of Reta Engenharia.

BRIBERY / CORRUPTION: It is forbidden to engage in any illegal actions indicating personal favor to oneself or to third parties.

BIDDING: It is forbidden to take any actions indicating breach of good market practices, and/or of terms set by the client, and/or of legislation in force relative to business competition or bidding processes.



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