Reta Engenharia provides consulting services and renders specialized engineering services in executive management and feasibility studies for both industrial and commercial projects, using in its projects those concepts and techniques recommended by “PMI – Project Management Institute”.


Budget and Planning of Industrial Constructions and Buildings – OPO

With the OPO, companies enjoy a consistent feasibility study of its projects. They can also choose to hire a comprehensive plan to manage the project implementation, including the project budget and planning, the project estimated cost, and orientations, such as how to organize to acquire inputs and services, how to hire labor, pay taxes, among others.

:: Cost studies and techniques for Project feasibility

:: Project construction budget – cost planning.

Dynamic Planning of Construction Works – PDO

During implementation, a project requires effective management which must offer methods and techniques to assess and correct routes, thus not allowing the works to undergo irreversible deviations in planning. Reta Engenharia provides a specific service, the PDO, to aid companies in managing and controlling their projects.

:: Detailed planning for construction works

:: Constructive methodology

:: Project performance control

Project Management for Industrial Plants and Building Construction – PIP

For a project to reach the expected performance it is of utmost importance that engineering solutions in line with the project’s deadlines, costs and quality be obtained. Reta Engenharia offers the best services for the development and management of projects for industrial plants and building construction, in a diversity of industry segments.

:: Alternative engineering studies

:: Project management – construction costs and constructability

Project Implementation Management – CGE

GCE is a service that can be rendered in several formats. Services range from drafting requests for proposals for bidding processes to the integrated management of engineering areas, planning and construction costs.
The main differential featured by Reta Engenharia in this process is the austere and meticulous management of costs and deadlines. 

:: Drafting requests for proposals for bidding processes and proposals analysis

:: Management and supervision of projects

:: Commercial advisory on construction works negotiations and contracts

:: Integrated executive management of construction works – engineering, planning and costs

Diagnosis of economic balance in contracts for engineering services – DEEC

DEEC enables the analysis and identification of economic imbalances in contracts, determining their causes and quantifying the corresponding value.

:: Identification of the causes of economic imbalances in contracts

:: Quantification of the value respective to the economic imbalance in contracts based on the contract and on events occurred

:: Mediation of contracts


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