Being in harmony with standards, controls, policies and guidelines stablished for the business has been part of Reta Engenharia’s culture since its establishment. Through its Compliance System, the company reaffirms the integrity of its actions and commitment to its posture and ethics in its service provision.

Thus, it is possible to ensure systematically that Reta Engenharia’s bases its operation on Precepts widely shared (disseminated) with its stakeholders and fulfills (complies with) every applicable standards, regulations and controls.  

To ensure the Compliance’s management, Reta Engenharia assigned responsibilities geared towards preventing, educating, monitoring and correcting flaws in its employees’ actions. The company believes that the dissemination of its culture and Precepts is the pillar that secures the businesses’ integrity and perenniality.

All related (All this) management is done by means of Integrity and Perenniality Assurance actions and trough the Committee of Compliance, as consolidated in its Code of Conduct and Compliance Risks Statement.

Ombudsman Channel

Reta Engenharia’s Ombudsman Channel is strictly confidential and it is available for internal as well as external audiences, allowing any person to safely report (denounce) any situation that violates the company’s Code of Conduct or Precepts.

Reta Engenharia ensures the confidentiality, impartiality and exemption in dealing with and investigating each report (denounce), whether they are identified or not.  

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